What Are Some Sources for Stock Recommendations?

Reliable sources that provide stock recommendations and analysis include 24/7 Wall St, Minyanville, StockTwits, StreetInsider.com and The Cheat Sheet, according to MarketWatch. Each site provides new market stock picks and publishes investment banks' market research.

Banks and second-tier investment houses often send market research directly to 24/7 Wall St, who publishes the new research on its website before the market opens, notes MarketWatch. The website features staff that compose original analyses and features of the market, and the site is free to browse. Miyanville receives research reports from banks and brokerage houses, but the website does not publish the full report. Instead, it publishes only excerpts of these reports. The website offers opinions and predictions about stock performance, and it is more geared toward experienced investors.

StockTwits shares news, reports, relevant videos and links to charts and transcripts of analyst calls posted to Twitter by traders and investors, explains MarketWatch. Though the information provided is limited, the website does have a strict set of rules for sharing information. StreetInsiders.com is not free to use, costing approximately $29 per month or $250 annually, as of 2015. The site provides a fundamental analysis of earnings, dividends and new products to predict which companies might move the most stock that day.

The Wall Street Section of The Cheat Sheet is free to browse, however, the company requires a fee for its stock-picking newsletter and commodities, silver and gold premium newsletters, notes MarketWatch. The website primarily provides commentary and investment analysis provided by staff of the site.