What Are Some Sources That List Overseas Construction Jobs?

What Are Some Sources That List Overseas Construction Jobs?

Sources that list overseas construction jobs include Indeed.com, Monster.com, SimplyHired.com and CareersInConstruction.com, as of 2015. The jobs may be with American companies that operate internationally as well as companies seeking workers from other countries, The type and duration of jobs may vary over time and depend on the nature of the projects.

Indeed.com supports multiple keyword searches to locate overseas construction jobs, because the site does not offer a specific category for this form of employment. Job listings on the site include the name of the company and its primary location, as well as tags to denote special aspects of the post, such as the ability to easily apply online.

Monster.com may feature a smaller number of overseas construction jobs at times because the site primarily focuses on employment opportunities within the United States. The jobs that appear on the site are most likely to feature overseas travel as one of several responsibilities, as with positions such as a site superintendent or qualify assurance manager.

SimplyHired.com allows users to filter search results according to the name of the company offering the position as well as its U.S. location or the job's salary. Many overseas construction jobs contain the word "overseas" in the title to denote the need for such travel.

CareersInConstruction.com features construction jobs across the world, with the majority of its positions available in Europe. It offers country-filtering options to locate jobs within a specific region.