What Are Some Sources for Free Independent Contractor Agreements?

What Are Some Sources for Free Independent Contractor Agreements?

Sources for free independent contractor agreements include LawDepot.com, TidyForms.com, Free-Legal-Document.com and AllLaw.com, as of 2015. The agreement forms allow users to specify the terms and lengths of a job, including estimations for materials costs, along with the date and method of payment for the work.

LawDepot.com enables users to create a custom independent contractor agreement that is in compliance with various state-specific laws thanks to its state selection tool, which modifies the contents of the form appropriately. Users can download the form upon completion or print it directly from the site for immediate use.

TidyForms.com offers several different types of independent contractor form, which may function for construction work as well as other types of contracting. The site displays the file type, file size and number of pages for each entry, along with a thumbnail preview of the document and a user rating.

Free-Legal-Document.com contains a free contractor agreement that includes multiple blank sections where the user may write in details such as the names of the parties participating in the job, the date of the contract's creation and the specific details of the project. It also features several clauses to protect the contractor in various situations.

AllLaw.com provides a general independent contractor form for free on its site, though it may not contain the appropriate content to function legally in all sates. As such, the site recommends that users consult a lawyer before drafting the form for use.