What Are Some Sources for Free Business Proposal Layouts?

What Are Some Sources for Free Business Proposal Layouts?

SCORE, the U.S Small Business Administration and Microsoft Office are good sources for free business proposal layouts. Other sources include VFinance and Free-Plan. Available formats of the layouts are PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

SCORE offers free business plan layouts, including narratives and financial worksheets. It offers a start-up business proposal, available in both PDF and Word formats. It includes 150 questions to establish the body of the plan.

The U.S Small Business Administration offers an online template with detailed instructions. Tips and examples are also available to support business owners. The completed online template becomes the business plan, which the user may save as a Word document.

The Microsoft Office site offers various layouts for checklists, presentations and marketing. Those layouts make up essential components in a business proposal.

Global financial services firm VFinance offers a basic, 30-page business plan template. The layout is available to download from its website.

Free-Plan has a comprehensive Word document including sample text as well as tables and charts to build a business proposal. A manual is also available.