What Does a Sound Engineer Do?

What Does a Sound Engineer Do?

A sound engineer is responsible for ensuring high-quality sound using various aspects of technology, especially during live events. This sound professional ensures that the audience receives quality sound that is not noisy, distorted or inaudible.

Sound engineers are divided into different categories depending on their working environment. For example, monitor sound engineers are responsible for adjusting the sound quality for individuals appearing on stage, rather than the general audience. They ensure that people who are using devices such as microphones, guitars, headphones or other musical instruments receive quality sound from their monitors.

On the other hand, system sound engineers are only responsible for maintaining clear, unobstructed sound after it goes through the monitors. They ensure that amplifiers, speakers, and other public address systems are functioning properly before releasing the sound to the audience.

Small events do not necessarily require all these types of sound engineers since one is enough to perform all these tasks. Big events, particularly well-funded music concerts, usually hire different types of sound engineers to work at the same venue, because of the complexity of the task.

Sound engineering is not always about music. Some engineers specialize in providing quality sound for speeches where a large audience is involved.