What Sorts of Things Can You Do With the TD Online Broker?

Users can go online and buy a wide variety of stocks with a TD Ameritrade account, explains the official TD Ameritrade website. Account holders also can go online and see live data feed prices of any stock in the United States. Additionally, individuals can view headline news for stocks.

According to TD Ameritrade, clients using their TD Ameritrade account online can buy ETFs and mutual funds in addition to stocks. Those who wish to take on riskier investments such as buying futures or options contracts require filling out forms to obtain these financial instruments. While online, clients can type in or search a category of stocks and receive a live data feed.

The feed displays current prices and volume for all stocks, says TD Ameritrade. Users can view historical prices and the earnings report under the Earnings tab at the top of the main account page. There is also a news section for the assets that shows relevant news that might affect the stock.

Account holders also have the option to use their mobile devices to access their accounts online with a TD broker account, states TD Ameritrade. The mobile application displays account value and current performance. Clients can place a trade when using the mobile application. Clients can also use the company's charting program and add-on studies for additional support in picking the right stock.