What Sorts of Benefits Does UPS Offer Employees?

UPS offers employees educational, health and wellness, and compensation and savings benefits. Educational benefits include a tuition assistance program, an online undergraduate program offered through Thomas Edison State College, and the Earn and Learn Program for part-time employees.

The UPS tuition assistance program was created in 1999 to support the company's recruitment, training and development efforts. Assistance is available to full-time non-union, part-time management and part-time union employees. As of 2015, the program has benefited approximately 113,000 college students with an investment of $187 million in tuition assistance.

UPS provides a variety of health and wellness plans for its different employee groups. While the various plans differ, they generally include medical, dental, vision and prescription drug program benefits and life, long-term care, and sickness and accident insurance. Spending accounts and work-life balance programs are available, too. UPS also makes contributions on behalf of employees in union-operated plans.

UPS employees' compensation and savings programs include a discounted stock purchase plan, competitive hourly wages and salaries, and a managers' incentive plan that is based on profit sharing. Employees can buy stocks through the discounted purchase plan and their 401(k) plan.

Founded in 1907 in Seattle, Washington, UPS employs 435,000 people worldwide. Of these, 354,000 employees are based in the United States, while the remaining 81,000 are located internationally. UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories throughout the world, including every address in North America and Europe.