What Sort of Things Are Written Down in the Minutes for a Business Meeting?

Business meeting minutes usually include the date and time of the meeting, a list of meeting participants and nonparticipants, record of the acceptance or amendments to previous meeting minutes, and record of decisions made about agenda items. Introductory material may include introductions and remarks from the presiding officer. Make recording notes easier by creating an outline template based on the meeting agenda.

Decisions on agenda items can include actions taken or agreed to be taken, next steps to be taken, voting outcomes, motions taken or rejected, and items to be tabled for future discussion. Voting outcomes may include details regarding those who made and/or seconded motions. Minutes also may include vote tallies, and for open votes, the names of those who voted for or against a matter or abstained from voting.

Other items business meeting minutes include any reports or statements that do not require a vote. Items such as correspondence, committee reports and other announcements fall in this category. Record the subject of the information, major points of the information and any major comments made by meeting participants. Business meeting minutes usually end with the time that the meeting adjourns and the certifying signatures of the presiding officer and recording secretary.