How Does Someone Write a Tuition Reimbursement Letter?

A letter requesting reimbursement for tuition should include information such as the employee's name, job title, name of college, class list and expected tuition expenses. The employee should be sure to check with the company's human resource department to be sure all the necessary information is submitted.

Usually, tuition reimbursement is a type of refund. This means the employee pays for his classes and, upon satisfactory completion of the courses, the company reimburses that amount. Sometimes, however, the company pays for the tuition up front. A reimbursement request letter should include a few main points.

  1. Gather the necessary data
  2. In addition to checking with the human resources department, an employee should also visit the college to get pertinent information for the letter. This includes the name of the college or university, the list of classes that will be taken, course start and end dates as well as the tuition for each class.

  3. Write the letter
  4. The letter should be short and to the point with a professional business-like tone. The letter should start with an introduction, explaining the employee's goals and reasons for pursuing higher education. In the body of the letter, describe the courses in detail and include the resources and costs involved. If a change in work schedule is required, that should be addressed as well. Close the letter by explaining how this will be a benefit to the company and ask for formal approval of the reimbursement.