How Does Someone Write an Articles of Incorporation for the IRS?


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An incorporator writes articles of incorporation for the Internal Revenue Service to establish the primary rules governing the management of his organization. The IRS provides clear guidelines on the recommended language for writing articles of incorporation, states Digital Media Law Project.

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Since state requirements vary from organization to organization, it is necessary for the incorporator to customize the Internal Revenue Service's template to suit the needs of his organization, according to Digital Media Law Project.

Among the vital details required in the articles of incorporation is the name of the organization. As per the template provided by the IRS, the incorporator should list the name of the organization at the top of the document. The document must also state the purpose of the organization. For instance, if the organization is a charitable, religious or educational entity, it has to be explicitly stated in the articles of incorporation, explains Digital Media Law Project.

The IRS also requires articles of incorporation to state the duration an organization is expected to be in existence. In such instances, an incorporator should include the word “perpetual” in the answer unless he expects the organization to exist for a particular period, notes Digital Media Law Project.

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