How Does Someone Use a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card?

Cardholders of a MasterCard prepaid gift card should use it anywhere a MasterCard debit card would typically be used. That means it may be used to make purchases. When the cashier rings up the merchandise and asks for payment, the gift card would be given as the form of payment, or the cardholder would swipe the card through the checkout payment system, according to MasterCard.

The card's use is not limited to in-store purchases; it may also be used to make online purchases and as a form of payment for mail and phone orders. Purchases are not restricted to physical goods either; the card can be used to pay bills online, according to MasterCard.

There may not be a need for the gift recipient to activate or register the card to use it. The reason is that some MasterCard prepaid gift cards, especially those sold at retail locations, are automatically activated, so they may be immediately used. It is therefore important for recipients to read the package instructions that come with the card first to make sure they use it properly; optionally, they can call the customer service number printed on the back of the card to ensure proper use.