How Does Someone Find MLS Real Estate Listings in British Columbia? lists property for sale in British Columbia. Multiple Listing Service, MLS and Realtor Canada are trademarks of The Canadian Real Estate Association, which runs the website. The home page of lets users search the listings by location, listing number or by property description.

Customers can search for properties for sale across the entire country of Canada on The site is not affiliated with a specific real estate agency, and lists all properties from all real estate agents in Canada.

House hunters can find a realtor by entering their location into the search field under the Find a Realtor tab. For people buying or selling, the Buying and Selling Info tab has advice on budget planning, making an offer and closing the deal. The page also has tips on how to list, market and prepare a house for sale. For both sellers and buyers, the page contains advice about how to choose a good real estate agent, and what the agent can do for sellers. also has an app for smartphones, to help customers find a new home. The Map feature flags properties for sale on a given street. The Demographics feature gives information on the houses' neighborhood, including average incomes, population growth and average education of the residents.