How Does Someone Find Their IRS Pin Number?

How Does Someone Find Their IRS Pin Number?

In order for someone to get an IRS filing pin, they need to ensure they are eligible, provide the IRS with the right information, access their pin online and use it to file their taxes. This process allows tax payers to get an electronic filing pin.

In order to get an IRS pin:

  1. Check for eligibility
  2. Whether someone is eligible for an IRS pin depends on the forms they filed and when they filed them by. For example, someone wanting to get a pin for the 2014 to 2015 tax year would have filed a Form 1040, 1040-A, 1040-EZ or 1040-SS by November 23rd 2014.

  3. Get all the information the IRS needs
  4. The IRS needs the applicant's tax return, social security number or individual tax identification number and first and last name. They also need the applicant's date of birth, filing status and complete mailing address as it appears on the 2013 tax return.

  5. Apply for the electronic filing pin online
  6. With all the right information to hand, applicants can apply for their electronic filing pin online. It is worth noting that the system is unavailable between 1am and 7am on a Sunday for maintenance purposes.

  7. Use the pin

Once applicants receive their pin, they can use it with the IRS' online filing system.