How Does Someone Grow Lima Beans Indoors?

Germinate lima bean seeds by completely submerging them in water for around 12 hours, then keep them in a wet environment until they start to sprout; finally, plant them in a cup with soil, making sure the cup gets plenty of sunlight and is watered periodically. Growing lima beans indoors is easy as long as the plant is set next to a window or ultraviolet light to get proper sun exposure.

Lima beans can be grown indoors using only some water, soil, paper towels and a window or ultraviolet light.

  1. Submerge the seed and help it germinate.
  2. First, submerge the lima bean seed completely for around 12 hours. If the seed has not yet started to sprout, place it in between two wet paper towels until it germinates and starts to sprout.

  3. Plant the seed.
  4. Use a small cup and fill it with a little bit of gravel and the rest of the way with fertile soil. Poke holes in the bottom of the cup so that water can flow out and the sprout will not drown. Bury the seed about an inch deep in the soil.

  5. Care for the growing plant.
  6. Place the plant near a window or under a sun light. The plant needs water, sunlight, and oxygen to grow. Water the seeds when the soil on top is completely dry, and watch the seedlings grow.