How Does Someone Know If They Have an Eviction on Their Credit?


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An eviction appears on someone's credit only if the property manager files an unlawful detainer in court. Once the property manager has received a final judgment from the judge in his or her favor, it will be added to the person's credit report.

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Unlawful detainment can be filed due to four different types of eviction. Failure to pay rent occurs if the tenant hasn't paid rent after 3 days past the due date. Tenants can also be evicted for breaking the lease agreement, such as keeping a pet on premises that is not noted in the lease and not rectifying the situation within 10 days of notice. Tenants that are messy or disruptive may also be evicted with no option to resolve the solution. Lastly, month-to-month tenants can receive a 20-day eviction notice for no specific reason.

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