How Does Someone Buy Walgreens Stock?

To buy shares of Walgreens stock, set up a brokerage account, search for the company, and initiate the appropriate purchase order, notes the Houston Chronicle. As of 2015, Walgreens trades under the ticker symbol WBA, according to CNN Money.

Investors can decide on a brokerage account based on the features that each offers, notes the Houston Chronicle. Certain brokerage accounts offer margin, or the ability to borrow funds greater than the available cash balance. The Nasdaq website lists some of the more common brokerage accounts, such as Scottrade, Schwab, TradeStation and Fidelity. Each brokerage service has a required minimum balance as well as a unique commission structure.

Walgreens trades under Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., reports CNN Money. Potential investors can use this company name or the ticker symbol when searching through a brokerage account. Afterward, there are multiple purchase options, such as a buy market order, a buy limit order or a buy stop order, explains the Houston Chronicle. These different order types help manage risk by determining minimum and maximum prices required to execute the order. Investors usually categorize stocks based on size, style and sector, notes CNN Money. Factors such as market capitalization and growth rate determine the appropriate category for a particular stock.