What Are Some Sole Proprietorship Businesses?

Some sole proprietorship businesses include real estate investors, seminar educators or professional speakers, authors, auctioneers, financial planners and information brokers, according to PowerHomeBiz. All of these jobs can be undertaken independently as part of a sole proprietorship.

Sole proprietorships are a type of business in which the company is owned by a single person who reaps all of the benefits but is also responsible for all the losses of the company, states the U.S. Small Business Administration. This is a popular type of unincorporated business for entrepreneurs because it requires no formal paperwork and the owner gets to work on her own time. Legally, there is no distinction between the owner of a sole proprietorship and the company itself, which means that the owner is in complete control of the company.

A number of businesses are usually sole-proprietorships, such as authors, freelance writers, professional speakers and real estate investors. Authors are their own business in the sense that they write pieces and then sell the piece to publishers. Freelance writers are similar in that they sell their writing services to other companies. Real estate investors buy homes on the market and fix them up before selling the house for a higher price. All of these are common types of sole-proprietorships where the money-making entity and the owner are not legally distinct.