What Are Some Soft Skills Needed in the Workplace?


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Soft skills that help employees succeed include communication, a positive attitude, critical thinking and professionalism. Others are reliability, leadership skills and the ability to adapt or fit into a company's culture.

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Communication skills encompass verbal, aural, nonaural, written and visual communication. They include knowing how to listen to others, as well as conveying information. An employee, no matter his job or rank, should know how to deliver a presentation, because many workers must present to a co-worker, supervisor or customer at some point. For example, a graphic designer might present to a manager in the marketing department about branding possibilities for a certain client.

A positive attitude helps employees complete tasks in an engaging and upbeat manner. They get along well with others, treat clients respectfully, provide quality customer service and invest effort into their work. They are flexible and can stay focused. For example, if a project deadline moves to one day earlier, a positive employee does not complain; he shifts priorities and responds professionally.

Critical thinking means a person can think through problems on his own and as part of a team. He uses data and evidence to troubleshoot issues, and while an immediate answer is not necessary, a solution within a feasible time frame typically is.

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