What Does a Snow Removal Contract Include?


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A snow removal contract includes identification of the areas, such as driveways, paths or stairs, for clearing; billing considerations, including who pays for supplies such as salt and sand; and how the parties should handle potential termination of the contract, explains About.com. Many contracts also include response times, according to Angie's List.

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A snow removal company that responds quicker often charges more than one that takes longer, notes Angie's List. It's important that the snow removers are aware of the surfaces they might work with: an extremely long, curvy driveway versus a short, straight one, or a dirt driveway rather than a concrete driveway. Dirt and gravel surfaces typically come with higher snow removal costs.

A snow removal business often charges a flat rate for service regardless of how often snow occurs, reports Angie's List. This is especially true in areas where snow is commonplace. Some contracts, however, cover only a specific number of snow removals a season, with higher fees for further plowing.

On the other hand, some contracts specify that the bill amount depends on the size of the snowstorm and if work is necessary more often than once per snowstorm, according to About.com. A contract should also guarantee that the snow remover has insurance in case of damage to buildings, fences and other structures.

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