What Is a SmartOne Prepaid Card?


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Accepted anywhere that takes Visa and MasterCard debit cards as payment options, smartOne prepaid cards let recipients spend their balances in store, online or by telephone. These customizable cards allow companies to reward employee excellence or customer loyalty while displaying branding. Issued by MetaBank, smartOne prepaid cards get issued on a business-to-business basis only. Non-customized options ship the day after payment, while customized cards ship in three to five days, according to the company, as of October 2015.

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Handing out smartOne prepaid cards to employees helps companies recognize the outstanding achievements of their employees or provide bonuses for high levels of performance or sales. Giving away these cards to customers helps companies keep track of rebates and sales incentives, with branded options that keep companies' names firmly in customers' minds. Other benefits include extra security over cash, added convenience as opposed to cashing a check, and the Visa and MasterCard zero-liability policy that keeps funds safe until use, notes the smartOne website.

Although these prepaid cards work just like any other Visa or MasterCard-branded card when making purchases, cardholders don't have the ability to add more funds to these cards or use them for direct deposits, explains smartOne. However, cardholders who register their cards online can view their balances and transaction histories at the smartOne website.

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