What Is a Smart Board?

What Is a Smart Board?

A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection to receive input from users. Schools and business use Smart Boards as a high-tech alternative to traditional chalkboards or whiteboards. Smart Boards are ideal for teaching, training, delivering presentations and conducting meetings.

A Smart Board system includes a whiteboard, computer, projector and special software. The components connect to each other wirelessly or through a cable. The projector displays the computer's desktop image onto the whiteboard. The system uses camera-based technology to register touch from a pen, finger or other object.

The Smart Board system includes a pen tray that holds up to four pens and an eraser. The software processes the pen's contact with the whiteboard to simulate a writing or drawing action. It recognises the color of the pen by detecting which pen is absent from the tray.

SMART Technologies created the first Smart Board in 1991. The company remains the leading provider of interactive whiteboards in the world, and it also produces interactive tables, student response systems, wireless slates, document cameras and conferencing software.

As of 2015, the company has regional and sales offices around the world, including New York City and Arlington, Virginia. Its main headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.