How Do You Find a Small Space for Rent?


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Speaking to a realtor or browsing studio apartment listings online at a website such as Apartments.com are two ways to find a small space for rent. Depending on the location, a studio space is available for between $400 and $800 per month.

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Studio apartments differ from a standard home or one-bedroom dwelling because they have only one main room. Studio apartments usually include a bathroom, but some buildings may have a communal bathroom on each floor. The most appealing aspect of a studio apartment is the low cost of renting one since studio apartments can be found for less than $800 per month in many areas. Studio apartments may also be attractive to professionals who seek a personal private office away from their home.

If the small space is to be used to conduct business it is best to check local zoning laws and regulations regarding the planned usage of the space. Commercial studios are a popular trend among artists and musicians who treat the space as a workplace and sales floor. For example, painters can use such spaces to create new work, while customers may walk around and browse and musicians can perform material while a customer is able to purchase the musician's music and merchandise.

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