How Do You Find Small Business Start-up Grants?


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Some ways to secure small business start-up grants include entering contests, considering government programs, talking to family members and establishing a relationship with an angel investor. Small business start-ups help strengthen the economy, which is why support for them has steadily continued to grow, notes Forbes.

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The various levels of government often have programs aimed at providing loans and grants to small business start-ups. Use websites such as SBA.gov to find out the eligibility criteria for a small business grant. The website also provides the necessary information on how to apply for such grants. Pay a visit to local government offices to find more information about programs put in place by the local government. Research can also be done through online resources.

Enter business contests that aim to promote the growth of small businesses. These contests are often organized by non-profit organizations seeking to empower youth or women in given regions. To win such contests, develop a unique idea and write its details in a well-thought-out business plan.

Another option is to consult angel investors. They usually go through a business plan and determine the viability of the small business. If it is good, they are likely to offer a given amount of money for the start-up. However, these investors often ask to be given shares in the business, states Forbes.

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