How Do You Find a Small Business for Lease?

To find a small-business space for lease, visit and search for available properties. The website lets visitors search by city, county, state or ZIP code with search parameters by type including office, industrial, land and retail, notes maintains a database of more than 1.4 million commercial properties for sale or lease as of 2015, notes the official website. To search for properties for lease, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to, and click on the Your Search for Commercial Real Estate Starts Here box.

  3. Set search parameters
  4. Set the search parameters for the business property desired. Begin by entering a location in the Location box and choosing to search by city, county, state or ZIP code. Select the property type by checking the box next to Office, Industrial, Retail, Land or Other. Click on the Lease button to search only for properties for lease, and then set the minimum and maximum space, rent and building size requirements before clicking on the Search button. Leave any of these fields blank to see broader search results.

  5. View properties
  6. View the properties in the search, and click on a property to see more information and photos of the property. View the rent and the real estate agent's name and contact details for leasing the property. Click the Get More Information button or Inquire About Property button to find out how to arrange a viewing of the property.