What Are Some Slogans for Chlorine?

Slogans for chlorine include "Chlorine, the breakfast of champions" and "Chlorine is my perfume." Printed on T-shirts and other sports clothing, chlorine slogans appeal to recreational swimmers, swim teams and other water enthusiasts.

Some sports equipment companies and fitness centers use slogans to promote specific sports or events. These slogans help create a brand to increase sales or to increase membership. Businesses that sponsor local or regional sports teams also use slogans to promote a team or a sport.

Slogans also help create unity within a team. For example, chlorine slogans include common ideas or feelings about chlorine, water and swimming that affect every member of the team. Wearing T-shirts or swim shorts with the same slogan identifies every member on the team. Over time, these shirts become mementos of the experiences the team has shared.

Chlorine slogans should contain between five and seven words. The slogan should convey a specific feeling or image that pertains to a product, company or water sports team. Before printing a slogan on clothing and other items, designers should research the slogan to ensure that other companies or teams haven't already used it. For added flair, T-shirt designers should create a graphic or choose a font that complements the slogan.