What Is the Slogan for Kroger?

The slogan for Kroger is: “Right Store, Right Price” as of February 2015. The retail grocer is known for its quality products and affordable prices.

Kroger was founded, in 1883, by Barney Kroger of Cincinnati and has the slogan “Right store, Right Price”. He opened the first store in his hometown, after investing his life savings into the start-up of the company. Barney Kroger put heavy focus into the bakery, meat and seafood departments, which are aspects still visible in the stores today. Kroger found great success in Cincinnati and the company has since expanded, having multiple stores in 34 states, bringing in a total of 2,600 stores nationwide. In 1999, Kroger made a deal with Fred Meyer Inc., partnering the grocers in an overall $13 billion deal.