What Are Some Skills Truck Mechanics Need?


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Truck mechanics need basic skills such as the ability to assemble and disassemble a diesel engine and to use welders, pressure gauges and speciality wrenches and calipers. Truck mechanics also need to understand trucks' electrical components and fuel and air conditioning systems and be able to apply information contained in diagnostic reports and technical manuals. Strong computer skills are essential in order to effectively use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and to analyze malfunctions.

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The diesel mechanic must also have the skills necessary to integrate complex pieces of information in order to identify and evaluate options for correcting mechanical problems. In addition to technical and mechanical skills, truck mechanics need customer service skills in order to communicate clearly with drivers and truck owners regarding identified problems, maintenance issues and repair options. Mechanics also need steady hands and good eye-hand coordination in order to disassemble parts and connect various components.

Work as a truck mechanic typically requires a high school diploma or its equivalent, a commercial driver's license, and specialized training at a diesel engine school. Schools offering programs in diesel engine repair combine classroom instruction with practical experience that covers diesel technology, repair techniques and equipment. An apprenticeship is another option for learning the trade while working alongside and under the supervision of an experienced mechanic.

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