What Skills Are Required to Be a Veterinarian?

A veterinarian requires compassion and care for animals, academic aptitude, business proficiency and a sociable personality. An individual interested in the field requires a college education that specializes in veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians must have a passion for helping animals stay healthy. The career is ideal for people who have an interest in learning about the different behaviors and needs of specific animals. The field may split into different categories of animal care, such as farm animals, wild animals, exotic pets or domestic family pets.

A person interested in veterinary medicine needs academic competence in the studies of math, science, research and language. A commitment to ongoing learning keeps a veterinarian up to date with new medical treatments and technology.

Business knowledge helps a veterinarian run a successful clinic. A veterinarian must have a dependable staff and a clinic space to accommodate his needs. Ordering supplies and maintaining equipment is essential. Setting fair and profitable prices for procedures requires business skills and organization.

A veterinarian needs to communicate in a straightforward manner with animal owners. It is important for the doctor to instruct the owners about proper care and inform them about the importance of regular checkups and vaccination appointments. A necessary part of the job is to let owners know when medical treatment cannot save an animal and offer comfort to those who lose a cherished pet.