What Are Some Skills a Person Needs to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?


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Some of the most important skills of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) include knowledge of medical terminology, proficiency in diagnostic testing, ability to monitor patients, vital sign taking, patient advocacy and proficiency in electronic medical record keeping. A good CNA is able to give quality care to patients while at the same time making it easy for doctors and other health workers to work efficiently.

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A CNA should be able to accurately use a computer to compile and store important patient data. He or she should be able to carry out research through the Internet and communicate on the same platform in order to ensure high-quality care for patients.

Another important skill for a CNA regards ability to speak and understand medical terminology. This will make it possible for him or her to communicate important information to patients and doctors.

A good CNA is skilled in receiving patients and carrying out preliminary examination that may include vital sign taking and history. The professional also knows how to monitor patients and liaise with other health workers to give care. A CNA should also have knowledge on various medical issues affecting the society and have the passion to carry out patient advocacy.

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