What Skills Are Needed to Work at an Unemployment Call Center?


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Good communication skills are required to work at a call center that services people who are unemployed. Call center representatives must be good listeners, and be able to answer questions, and explain guidelines related to state unemployment insurance. The job requires identifying and solving various problems that arise, and workers must have a good attitude when speaking with callers. Computer skills are usually required, and knowledge of specific computer software programs is a plus.

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Call center representatives hired to help people with processing unemployment insurance claims should be good at multitasking. Excellent reading comprehension skills are needed to comprehend various state laws and procedures required to process claims effectively. Because those filing claims may not fully understand the procedures, representatives sometimes need to explain clearly how the system works, and advise customers about documents needed to complete their claims. Conducting short phone interviews to get information is another aspect of the job.

Representatives must type information correctly into a database, and produce accurate reports when required. Basic typing skills must meet departmental standards for speed and accuracy. This type of work is stressful at times, and workers must deal with different types of personalities without getting angered, or flustered. Workers must also have enough stamina to handle the call volume during an entire shift.

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