What Skills Are Needed to Be a Waitress?


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Being a successful and effective waitress requires a firm grasp on several skills, including a focus on time management, mental math and people skills. A strong understanding of the types of the foods served at the restaurant is also helpful.

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Time management skills are incredibly important to a waitress, because a serving environment is one that does not allow for sloth. There are constantly orders being placed and modified, along with finished orders being sent out from the kitchen, which means that a waitress must be able to attend to numerous time-sensitive matters at the same time. A good waitress also needs to be able to anticipate when diners finish their meals to avoid making numerous unnecessary trips to and from the kitchen or the floor tables.

Mental math is also very important when it comes to calculating totals for bills. There are many situations that can turn a simple check into a complicated one, such as refunds, additions or splitting the bill between multiple parties or credit cards. Mental math ensures that these totals are calculated correctly to avoid any displeasure from the diners.

People skills are extremely important because friendliness and likability are directly related to the amount of tip received, and whether or not diners plan to return to the restaurant.

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