What Are Some Skills Needed for Seniors Over 60 to Get Jobs?


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The most important skills for seniors over age 60 who are seeking a job are technology-related, such as word processing, email, website management and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including Excel and Access. Regardless of industry, most present-day business operations involve the use of computers, and a lack of knowledge in this field often prevents seniors from getting hired by an organization or rising through its ranks.

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What Are Some Skills Needed for Seniors Over 60 to Get Jobs?
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There are numerous websites dedicated to teaching new skills, such as Lynda.com, Khan.org, Study.com and EdX.org. In addition, many credible universities offer online classes for free, such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and others. A good resource for these courses is Coursera.org.

Skills pertaining to technology are not the only ones seniors can focus on to obtain employment at an advanced age. One industry that hires a large number of seniors is the medical industry. Jobs in assisted living facilities, hospitals and doctors' offices contain a larger number of senior Americans than most other industries. According to the Office for National Statistics, employment is increasing three times faster for Americans over 65 than for workers between the ages of 16 and 64, which suggests people are working later in life that at any point in history.

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