What Are Some Skills Needed for a Resume?


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A resume typically enumerates hard and soft skills that demonstrate the candidate's capability to perform the job successfully. These skills must have a strong connection with the candidate's expertise. They should be unique enough from skills that other candidates commonly mention in their resumes.

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Hard skills are skills that a candidate has learned through training or experience. These skills are quantifiable through certifications, proficiency scores and other measurements. Examples of hard skills include typing speed, proficiency on computer software and knowledge of concepts. When writing a resume, the candidate must list specific hard skills needed to excel in a particular job. A candidate applying for an architect position, for instance, may describe his expertise on computer-aided design, architectural codes and construction administration.

Soft skills are also known as interpersonal or people skills. They dictate the candidate's ability to create successful relationships with employers, colleagues and clients. Collaboration, communication, time management and problem-solving skills are examples of soft skills. Just as specific jobs require specific hard skills, certain soft skills are more appropriate for a particular job than others. For instance, a job with a constantly busy schedule requires time management, whereas a career in human resources needs decisive thinking and conflict-resolution skills.

Emphasis on relevant skills on a resume is suitable for a job candidate with no previous employment. Known as a skills-based resume, it highlights a candidate's best professional skills as opposed to work experience.

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