What Skills Do Girl Scouts Learn From Selling Cookies?

Girl Scouts learn money management, goal setting, decision making and people skills when selling cookies. It also helps to teach important business ethics and skills, including leadership and future life success.

Girl Scouts learn to set goals and how to work hard to achieve those goals. When selling cookies, the girls set various goals. Not only do they try to sell as many cookies as they can, the girls also find pride in what they do with the money, such as donating it to local charities or animal shelters. Decision making is an important part of selling cookies as well. The girls decide how many boxes they want to sell and where to sell them and work together to get it done. With decision making, girls are learning about teamwork and problem-solving as well.

Girl Scouts need to communicate with each other and others in order to sell cookies, so they learn important people skills. This includes how to approach people in a friendly way and how to have a casual conversation with others. Selling cookies teaches business ethics as well as money management skills and calculating how many boxes they need to sell to reach certain goals. The girls also learn different methods of increasing sales.