What Skills Are Considered Clerical?


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Most clerical skills can be classified under "office skills," such as phone line operation and typing. General office skills form the basis for clerical skills.

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There are many skills involved in clerical work, and one of the basics is typing. Anyone who works in an office setting should be able to type upwards of sixty words a minute with few or no errors. Most employers prefer someone who can use homerow keys, and the faster they type, the better. Another important skill to hone is data entry. Being able to use the number keypad accurately and quickly is very important for data entry clerks. The third most important skill, although this seems easy, is alphanumerical filing. Surprisingly, a lot of people have trouble doing this quickly.

Having skills in Microsoft Office Suite is a very good thing, regardless of the office job posted. Having knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel will greatly increase the chances of obtaining a clerical job. Most offices use these programs to create and work on existing documents for clients and on documents for use within the office, such as flyers and newsletters. These programs can also be used for advertising. Also, knowing how to work a multi-line phone can be a great help, as most offices will have these operating. This includes knowing how to transfer calls and forward them to other people. Lastly, the most important skill to have is a great attitude, even when others are irritating. Being able to calm down angry clients is a very good attribute to possess.

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