What Skills Does a Beautician Need?


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A beautician should be a good communicator, organized, have expertise in handling beauty equipment, knowledge of the latest beauty trends and products and posses good interpersonal skills. Completion of training at a certified school and possessing a high school diploma or equivalent are some basic requirements for this profession, as noted by Learn.org.

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Good communication skills help beauticians listen to clients and respond appropriately. Organizational skills help ensure that clients are served according to a schedule that is convenient for both parties.

Having knowledge of the latest trends and products can help beauticians give guidance and advice to clients regarding what to do, while interpersonal skills help them maintain professionalism even when dealing with irate clients. Having the stamina to work extra hours and account management are equally important skills.

Some of the key responsibilities of a beautician include cutting and styling hair, providing solutions to hair and skin problems, making appointments with clients and providing pedicures or manicures. Restocking shelves, receiving payment from clients and keeping the workplace clean are other duties these professionals may be in charge of.

Beauticians typically earn salaries that range from $14,600 to $50,000 a year, with an average salary of $27,530, notes Learn.org. They may earn additional money in the form of tips from clients who are impressed by their services.

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