What Are Some Sizes of Acetylene Tanks?


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Acetylene tank sizes range from 13.2 inches high with a 3.9-inch diameter and maximum gas capacity of 10 cubic feet to 51 inches high with a 12-inch diameter and a gas capacity of 350 cubic feet. Other sizes include 33.1 inches high with a gas capacity of 111 cubic feet.

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The average weight of a 13.2-inch tank is less than 10 pounds, and a 51-inch tank weighs about 190 pounds. Acetylene is an excellent fuel gas for cutting, welding and brazing, because it produces the highest flame temperature of all commercial fuel gases. Motor vehicle manufacturers use it as a carbon source to cover steel components with durable surface layers. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, aircraft, aerospace and glass companies are among those that use acetylene in cylinders and tanks.

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