How Do You Get Free Six Sigma Training?


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Obtain free Six Sigma training through courses on sites such as GoLeanSixSigma.com, Alison.com, SixSigmaTrainingFree.com and MSICertified.com, as of 2015. Many sites focus on basic White Belt training and certification, including digital course materials that cover the concepts across the program as well as focusing on the methods for implementing it in a workplace environment.

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GoLeanSixSigma.com offers a free one-day training course that covers the beginning level of the Six Sigma business management program through a self-taught digital system. It includes access to various documents and exercises that outline the tenets of Six Sigma, which you can choose to review at your own pace. It also has optional processes for obtaining official White Belt certification.

Alison.com is a free online educational system that offers instructional courses and degrees in a variety of topics, including certification in Six Sigma as part of its business school department. After registering with the site, you have access to different types of courses that include the various levels of the program and focusing on implementation in specific industries.

SixSigmaTrainingFree.com is a self-guided learning site dedicated to teaching the Six Sigma program. It offers several practice tests and exams that cover the concepts of the system, all of which are available without registering on the site.

MSICertified.com specializes in online training and certification for business management and strategy concepts and offers a comprehensive free introductory course to Six Sigma.

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