What Are Some Sites That Offer Paid Internet Jobs?

What Are Some Sites That Offer Paid Internet Jobs?

Upwork, Toptal and Peopleperhour are good sites to search for paid Internet jobs. Craigslist is also a well-known site with many job opportunities, but users need to comb through various posts to find good online projects.

Upwork (previously oDesk) offers many opportunities in almost all jobs that can be done online; clients look for contractors with various skills, from virtual assistance to web design. There are opportunities for transcriptionists, writers, sales managers and many types of professional. Upwork offers both short- and long-term projects, hourly and per-project work for all level of skills (entry level, intermediate and expert). There is a bidding system, which means various contractors bid for a job and the client chooses the most suitable one. The platform also requires both clients and contractors to leave feedback after each job, including public feedback for other users to view.

Toptal is also a platform connecting online workers to clients, but it has a strict screening process. Once contractors pass it, they can have access to high-quality projects with big clients such as JPMorgan or Airbnb.

Unlike Upwork, Peopleperhour focuses mainly on web projects. The site is good for designers, web developers and SEO specialists who look for online work.

Craigslist is a long-established list platform. Although online jobs are not the site's primary focus, there are good opportunities.