What Is a Simplified Memo Format?

A simplified memo format is used for writing a simple memo, which is a type of communication used in a business. According to Specimen Templates, a simple memo usually has one to four sentences only. Memos are typically sent to colleagues within a company or organization.

Compared to letters, memos are more informal and do not use a salutation and closure statement. They serve as a written reminder, and they are used to convey certain information or a short proposal. They are written in a concise, straightforward manner.

There are simplified and standard memo formats. According to Lyman’s Business Education website, the simplified memo format uses a block style format in which everything is aligned along the left margin. This type of format does not use much formatting. It includes the date, addressee's name, subject, body of the memo, writer's name, typist’s initials and enclosures. The addressee is the name of the person or group to receive the memo, and it does not require a title or salutation. The subject line is traditionally written in all capitals. The body of the memo uses block style paragraphs with no indentation. The writer’s name is written below it, and the word "Enclosure" is typed if there are papers or documents included in the memo.