What Is a Simple Business Plan Format?

A simple business plan format uses headers and subheaders to deliver information in the categories of mission and objectives, products and services, strategies and market research, cash flow or funding and the action plan. Each of these categories may have multiple subcategories depending on the needs of the business and the purpose of the plan.

The mission and objectives category should include an executive summary and a short overview of the company to help others understand it better. Company values, a mission statement and the goals of the business should all appear in this section, and should each have a separate subheading as needed. A description of the actual products or services that the company provides should follow as part of its own section.

Strategies and market research should include all analysis done of the market sector and competition along with how the company plans to overcome the challenges of competition and position itself in the market. If the plan’s purpose is to secure funding, the cash flow and funding request section may be one of the largest parts of the plan. Include all incoming and anticipated outgoing funds as well as expected profits, and note all current funding sources, if applicable, along with the ones currently under consideration. The action plan is the final part of a simple business plan, and it should outline future plans for growing and maintaining profitability.