What Are Some Similar Stores to the KitchenAid Outlet Store?


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Most major big box retailers, such as Sears and Best Buy, as well as individual brands such as Apple and Sony offer online stores in which customers can purchase pre-owned, refurbished or wholesale clearance items. Some stores, such as New Egg, exist exclusively online and offer similar deals.

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Because of the nature of outlet stores, products and prices can vary greatly from day to day. Outlet stores should not be considered a place in which all products are available at discount prices at all times.

The Best Buy website has a large variety of store items available at discount prices raging from electronics and music to home appliances and musical instruments. Best Buy's outlet Web page also allows customers a variety of search options, including searching by brand, specific item or even discount percentage. Best Buy products also comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee, insuring that all pre-owned and refurbished items function properly.

Other stores, such as New Egg, specialize in electronics and offer individual parts, accessories or even entire computer systems for extremely low prices. Dell, Apple and Sony also include outlet and refurbished sections on their websites in which customers can purchase pre-owned electronics at discounted prices. Because these stores specialize in electronics, they often have a more consistent prices as well as product stock.

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