What Are Some Significant Events in Apple Stock History?


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The most significant event in Apple stock history is the initial public offering held on Dec. 12, 1980. Through the IPO, Apple sold upwards of 4 million shares at an individual share price of $22. Several Apple employees became overnight millionaires from their stock options, indicates Macworld.

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The release of the iPad in October 2001 was also a significant event in Apple’s stock history. The introduction of the iPad marked Apple’s entry into the music business, a detour from what it was traditionally known for, personal computers. After the iPad was released, the company lost 2.71 percent of its share price on the day of release, states Dividend.com. This decline in share price was followed by a 5.57 percent decline on the second day. It was nearly a month before the company regained the glory of its share prices. The release of the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, had a significant impact on its stock history. Stock prices rose by 1.23 percent on the release date. Approximately one month after the release date, the stock prices had gone up by an impressive 16 percent.

The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs on Oct. 5, 2011, was a great loss to the company and had an impact on share prices. Stock prices took a 0.2 percent drop, reports CBS News. The slight decline in share prices is seen as a show of resilience by the technology company after having lost its most valuable asset.

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