What Is the Significance of the Nibiru on Iraqi Currency?


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The significance of the Nibiru on Iraqi currency is to pay homage to the ancient mythological cosmology of the Sumerian people, now part of modern Iraq, that considers the planet Nibiru as the 12th planet. According to Sumerian mythology, an advanced alien people inhabit the planet Nibiru.

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Most astrological experts, including NASA, deny that Nibiru exists. Others say that Nibiru is on a collision course with Earth and that the planet's destiny is to destroy humankind. Various people have predicted Nibiru's collision with Earth to occur as far back as 2003. NASA points out that Nibiru vigilants seem to push back Nibiru's collision date with Earth each time Nibiru fails to collide with the planet on schedule.

Those who believe in Nibiru say that it exists beyond the planet Neptune and that it travels near Earth in the solar system once every 3600 years. Others claim that Nibiru existed once but that it collided with another planet and broke into pieces, creating the asteroid belt. They say that the advanced inhabitants of Nibiru visited Earth many years ago and mined the planet for gold. They go on to say that in the process the Nibiru people created humans in order to exploit their labor for mining.

Most theories surrounding Nibiru are found in the ancient texts of the Sumerians. Switzerland also put the Nibiru on their bank note in the 1980s. Ancient astrologers reported that Nibiru appeared so bright that it looked like a sun.

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