How Do You Sign up for Vcom Check Cashing?

In order to use Vcom check cashing services, consumers must contact a credit union that is part of the Vcom network and request to be enrolled in the shared branching network, according to Spokane Teachers Credit Union. Once enrolled, consumers can register at any Vcom machine to deposit checks.

Credit union members can use any Vcom machine located at 7-11 stores nationwide to conduct transactions such as withdrawing cash, making payments and viewing credit union account balances, as explained by Spokane Teachers Credit Union. Using a Vcom machine is similar to using a bank ATM machine, but it differs slightly at first. To use a Vcom machine, the user must first complete the registration steps at the machine. Following Vcom machine instructions, users first enter the full name of the credit union when prompted. Then, they enter their account number.

Users must then insert any card that has their name and a magnetic strip on the back, as noted by SecurityPlus Federal Credit Union. Users can use a credit card, debit card or suitable alternative for this step. The machine then asks users a series of security questions, which they answer by touching the screen. The answers to these questions must match the information on file at the credit union. After setting up a personal identification number, users may conduct transactions normally.