How Do You Sign up for the Swedish MyChart?


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To sign up for the Swedish MyChart, visit either a health clinic that uses the Swedish Epic electronic health record or any Swedish hospital or emergency department, advises Swedish Medical Center. At such locations, patient registration can issue you a MyChart access code upon request after gathering the necessary information. Each code comes with instructions for registering a login ID and password from the MyChart homepage.

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A MyChart login ID should be easy for the patient to remember but difficult for others to guess, notes Swedish Medical Center. The system requires that the login ID be between six and 18 characters in length, consisting of only letters and numbers. The password must span eight to 18 characters and contain at least one letter and one number. At the time of registration, you should link an email address to your account so that the system can send you notifications when new information becomes available on your MyChart account. If you forget your MyChart ID, you can also have the system send it to you at this email address after answering a series of security questions.

MyChart is an online portal that provides patients with easy access to information such as test results and current medications, explains Swedish Medical Center. Patients can also request doctor's appointments and prescription refills or communicate with health care providers through MyChart.

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