How Do You Sign up to Receive Coleman's Fliers?

To sign up for Coleman’s fliers as of 2015, go to and click on the E-Flyer option at the home page of the website. On the new page, click on the downwards-pointing arrow next to Sign Up for E-Flyer, and then select a store from the provided list.

Type your name into the text box labeled Enter Your Name Here and then provide the email address in the text box labeled Enter Your Email Here. Click on the Sign Up button to sign up for Coleman’s fliers for the selected store.

Open your email account and click on the confirmation link from Colemans. The subscription is inactive until you click on the confirmation link. If you ignore the confirmation link, the system assumes that the site visitor subscribed to Coleman’s e-Flyers by mistake. After clicking on the confirmation link, a confirmation message appears in a new window to show that you have successfully signed up to Coleman’s online fliers.

On the Colemans website, you can also view previous fliers for different Colemans stores. To view different fliers, scroll to the middle of the E-Flyer page and select a store under Please Choose Your Store. Click on the View Flyer link to view the latest fliers for the selected store.