How Do You Sign up for Optimum Health Insurance?

It is possible to sign up for a Optimum Healthcare health plan by attending a seminar, making a residential appointment, or applying online through the company or through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Medicare Online Enrollment Center. Applicants can book a home appointment or reserve space at a seminar by telephone. Enrollment in a plan is only possible at specific times of the year, explains Optimum Healthcare.

Existing Medicare Part A and Part B coverage is a prerequisite for enrollment with Optimum Healthcare, states the company. Signing up with Optimum Healthcare begins with the applicant submitting a form online or to an agent. The form is checked for completeness and forwarded to an enrollment agent who enters the applicant's information into a database, explains Optimum Healthcare.

The enrollment department then registers this information with the CMS within 24 to 48 hours, and sends the applicant a welcome package with seven business days, which contains the acknowledgment of enrollment and an identity card, explains Optimum Healthcare. The CMS may approve or reject the application and determine the date of commencement of plan coverage. Optimum Healthcare also helps applicants resubmit corrected information to the CMS and encourages applicants to use the online form for enrollment.