How Do You Sign up for Merrick Online Bill Payment?

To sign up for Merrick online bill payment, go to the enrollment page on the company website, fill in the required information, and accept the online payment terms and conditions. Then set up at least one payment account from which your online payments will be paid. Make sure that you have supplied a valid email address for this service, states Merrick Bank.

You can make one-time or recurring payments to your account using the online bill payment service, reports Merrick Bank. To make a one-time payment, select the Make One-Time Payment option, choose which payment account you want the payment withdrawn from and then choose the amount you wish to pay. The amount choices are minimum payment due, current account balance or another amount. You must select an amount that is at least $15 but not more than your current account balance. Finally, pick the date you wish to have the payment posted to your account.

To make recurring payments, select the Set Up Recurring Payments option, choose the payment account you wish to use and the amount of the payment. You can choose either the minimum payment due or the ending balance on your statement, according to Merrick Bank. The payments post on your due date each month, unless you schedule a stop date for the recurring payments.