How Do You Sign up for Medicare?

How Do You Sign up for Medicare?

In order to sign up for Medicare, it is necessary for applicants to make sure they are eligible and understand each of the Medicare plans, determine what plan they would like to sign up for, make a list of their medical needs and fill out the correct application on the Social Security government Web page. Along with the Internet, individuals can apply to Medicare on the phone and through the mail.

Medicare is a federal government health insurance program that gives healthcare to individuals 65 years old and older in the United States. The following steps should be taken to sign up an individual for the Medicare program.

  1. Determine if the applicant is eligible for Medicare.
  2. Medicare accepts individuals who are older than age 65 and who have paid into the program. Some individuals less than 65-years-old are eligible for Medicare if they have chronic illnesses or disabilities. There is a 3-month grace period around an individual's 65th birthday to sign up for the program.

  3. Understand the various Medicare plans.
  4. There are a couple Medicare plans, such as traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage and a stand-alone part D plan. Applicants should decide with their families which plan is right for them.

  5. Gather a list of medical needs and apply.
  6. Applicants can apply through the Social Security Administration government Web page or contact them via telephone. The application will require the applicant to give their medical needs.